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Open, Cautious, but Ready to Roll!

As of Monday, 6/15/20, our procedures here at Digital Reprographics are as follows:

After your job is completed, an invoice will be emailed to you (unless you have an established monthly account or a credit card on file) which can then be paid online.

Once your invoice is paid, your print project will be available for pick up and/or all digital files will be sent to you.

Please be aware that Digital Reprographics staff will maintain a safe, physical distance from the counter and will not be handling credit cards at this time. You are welcome to pay with check or cash although we will not be making change.

For your continued safety, as well as that of our other customers, we are only accepting project drop offs and pickups and ask that no one linger at the counter unless otherwise directed by a representative of Digital Reprographics.

We are accepting FedEx package drop offs but ask that you have them ready to go with a label when you do. We will not be packaging or printing labels for the time being.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we continue to navigate these challenging times.

Warm Regards & Stay Safe!

The Digital Reprographics Team

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